Terms & Services

Acceptance; If you are accepting on behalf of a company, you represent and warrant to Amdm.biz / HostingPartner.pk that you have full authority to bind such company.

ys.com.pk web hosting service is focused towards businesses and companies. We are not a good company to host MP3, Open source message boards, email broadcasting and other similar web sites. We have a very strict spam protection policy. We are unable to host web sites containing:

1) Adult content.
2) Web sites spreading or containing hate material
3) Web site of Jihad Organizations or containing any material related to it.
4) Gambling and betting
5) Selling or offering to download software or tools without permission or authorization from owners.
6) Any material or activity considered to be unlawful by Government of Pakistan or USA.
7) Websites containing malware, trojans and viruses.

The decision to consider a web site within the brackets of above definition is at discretion of ys.com.pk and may result in immediate cancellation of your account without any refund.

Please read the following terms and conditions and acceptable user policy of ys.com.pk web hosting service carefully.

By subscribing to any of our Services or web hosting packages you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Suitability of hosting service

It is your responsibility to ensure that the hosting service you choose is suitable for your requirements.

Use of the service

You are responsible for all content located on your hosting service, even if you provide access to your hosting service to one or more third parties. You may not use your hosting service to send unsolicited email (spam). If your web site makes software downloads available, you must own or have the owner’s permission to do so.


You may cancel your hosting service at any time by contacting us using the contact form on our web site. There are no additional fees for canceling your hosting service.

Renewal or Expiry

ys.com.pk will call or send automated email 5 days before your domain or hosting expires. ys.com.pk web hosting service shall not be responsible for failing to reach you through phone or email due to any reason. Failing to renew your hosting within 6 days of expiry shall result in cancellation of service and will give full rights and permission to seize your domain, which will become ownership of ys.com.pk and can be later sold to any third party.

Support Guarantee

ys.com.pk hosting support will always try to solve any problem related to hosting within 12 hrs. However depending on nature of problem this can get more time. ys.com.pk web hosting support is not responsible for providing support, help, suggestions and opinions related to design, programming, functionality, optimization or promotion of your web site.

Content Policy

ys.com.pk web hosting is under no obligation to edit, review or modify the contents of your website. However, ys.com.pk web hosting reserves the right to remove any content without notice.


ys.com.pk web hosting will use reasonable efforts to protect and backup data for our web hosting clients on a regular basis, however, ys.com.pk does not guarantee the accuracy or regularity of backup services. You are solely responsible for making back-up files in connection with your use of the services.

Provisional registration of domains

All domain registrations done through our website are provisional and not instant. A domain registered through our website will not instantly book that domain under your account. The domain registrations are dependent on third party registrars and in some cases specific domains may be considered as invalid or not legal for registration. Amdm.biz / HostingPartner.pk is not responsible for any loss that may be caused due to your domain registration or cancellation of provisional registration. You agree and understand that we are not the domain registrar therefore we do not have our own nominate tags or NIC tags.