Cloud Backups

Managed Cloud Backups

Backing up your data and having a remote backup storage set-up is essential for the short and long term future of your business.

Important data on your server must be backed up to a secure location in case of hardware failure, data corruption, or human error.

YS Consultants provides this sense of data security with our proprietary developed Remote Storage Service. We all know the importance of backups by now. Use our Remote Storage  Service to backup your files with FTP, SFTP, or resync. Our Storage packages are a very flexible and cost-effective way to store your data.

YS Consultants remote storage service is available to EVERYONE, not just for our clients. Simply mount our remote storage service to your server, even if you are with another provider. This maximizes redundancy and improve overall performance to your current server build.

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Be proactive instead of reactive when protecting your business. Over 50% of businesses never recover after a large scale data disaster.

The Benefits Of Remote Backup Storage Service

Here’s just some of what you can do with YS Consultant Remote Storage System: