Founder Messages

Sohail Habib

Message from Co-Founder

Creating YS Consultants is a well though-out decision, taken after careful planning and consideration. We came into the business with slightly different strengths and totally different experiences. I come from a Finance background and Yousuf having core IT and a good share of Consumer Banking from his early corporate life. This enabled us to build a library of different skillset, knowledge base, and experience and has created a rich tapestry to build the business upon, give our best shot and achieve our objective. As exhilarating as this seemed, the thought of doing it alone was rather daunting. It didn’t really seem possible or doable. But at the same time, the only way I could take this leap of faith was with someone I trusted implicitly. This meant having zero doubts in the capability, competence, drive, value system, and with complete certainty that we would be aligned. With this considered, I had only 1 option, my old friend Yousuf Idrees